Real Time LCS

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Choose between the NA LCS and the EU LCS channels to enjoy your favorite
broadcast alongside not only Twitch Chat, but also a real time Twitter stream

All Riot streams are currently offline

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If watching LCS is not your thing, if the Riot streams are offline or if you just want to check out your favorite streamers, this is for you!

Real time tweets. The new way to watch the LCS.

To the left of each LCS Twitch stream, a real time Twitter stream is displayed to enhance your viewing experience. As soon as an analyst or a pro player tweets, the tweet will be immediately shown next to the video. With Real Time LCS, be the first to read the coaches shots fired, Riot Phreak's puns of damage and player's reactions after their matches.

Real Time LCS has live tweets

Mobile friendly. Real Time LCS on the go.

Real Time LCS brings to you the real time tweet stream to your mobile device, as well as the live LCS Twitch channel. On the mobile version, the tweets will be displayed under the video stream. For the best experience, use your android's Google Chrome app.

Real Time LCS is compatible with mobile devices

To chat or not to chat. It's up to you.

Whether you love meming or not, Real Time LCS features the one and only Twitch Chat. If the chat distracts you or you simply dislike the NA vs EU rivalery, you always have the option to use the Close chat button. Also, make sure to go into the chat's settings to use the dark version of the chat. PogChamp.

Optional live Twitch chat with all LCS streams